Your Rights are Slipping Away

Posted By Dan

Dan is an NRA Certified Instructor. He has over 3 decades of shooting experience.

Your constitutional and unalienable rights, beginning with your second amendment rights, are being lost in the US Senate this week. I urge everyone to contact both your senators, regardless of party, and urge them to support the Constitution and not some scheme to restrict law-abiding citizens. None of the proposed measures would have prevented the tragedy at the Sandy Hook School in Newington, CT.

Make no mistake, this is about removing our constitutional rights without going through the proper process. Because they can not remove the Second Amendment through legal channels, they are simply ignoring the Constitution and passing laws in violation of it. Only to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

Call you Senators today and urge them to NOT support ANY gun control measures. We need criminal control, not gun control.

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